Rapid Prototyping/Additive Manufacturing Benchmark Reports

Looking for the right additive manufacturing system for your operation? Need to understand how one system measures up to another? The following benchmarks are the perfect tools to get you up to speed quickly. Don't make any decisions based on vendor claims. Base your buying decisions on actual time, cost and quality measures.


3D Printer Benchmark

Published June 2010

3D printer benchmark cover

The most recent benchmark blends the thorough evaluation of time, quality and cost of the 2003 evaluation with the exhaustive, 3D scanning-based analysis of dimensional accuracy used in the 2005 report.

This 60-page report has more than 100 tables, charts and images showing the results of the evaluation of Alaris30, Designjet 3D, ProJet SD 3000, Sd300 Pro, uPrint, V-Flash and ZPrinter 310 Plus.

Also new in this benchmark are:

  • Effective material cost calculations (actual price per volume of part)
  • Interactive ranking worksheets
  • Continuous run-time calculations

The 3D printer benchmark report is available in both a North American and an European version. Each uses the list price for systems, materials and maintenance when purchased in that region of the world.

For additional information and downloading instructions, please visit the 3D printer benchmark page.


Dimensional Accuracy - 3D Printers

Published October 2005

accuracy color map

3D printers are often used in the earliest stages of design. Although the life span of these design tools can be measured in minutes or hours, users still want reasonable accuracy that will satisfy the needs of their applications. The goal of this benchmark is to analyze and quantify the dimensional accuracy available from the Dimension® SST, InVisionTM SR and ZPrinter® 310.

This nine page report illustrates the accuracy of each system with reverse engineering color maps and comparative charts.

For additional information and downloading instructions, please visit the Dimensional Accuracy page.


Full Analysis - 3D printers

Published October 2003

benchmark cover page

This detailed benchmark analyzes Dimension, Z406, MDX-650, QuadraTempo, Viper si2, ThermoJet and PatternMaster.

Performance measures are reported in the following areas:

  • Expense
  • Time
  • Quality

For additional information and downloading instructions, please visit the 3D Printer Benchmark page.


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